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The new interactive medias are changing dramatically the way we see everything related to Marketing.

Internet and the Interactive Television are new medias that add more segmentation to the target (Marketing One to One) and provides interaction between the advertiser and this target. However, this new medias don´t reach the level of coverage of a traditional mass media like the classic TV.

The mobile phone is a device that is "on hand" of most people in developed countries. It is the true and real interactive device by its own sake, starting to be an important tool in many marketing campaigns.

Dosmedios provides the appropiate tools to implement and control marketing campaigns where the mobile phone is combined with other medias. Dosmedios has developed a technology platform that allows advertisers and ad agencies to put in place direct marketing or branding campaigns with mobile short messages (SMS), Wap, i-Mode, MMS, etc.

Demo: Mobile Marketing Platform

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