Business Units
Layer 0: Infrastructure
Layer 1: Administration
Layer 2: Communication

The most important asset -after our professional team- is our technology. We have developed several technology platforms for each one of our business units.

"Technology platform" is a set of software and hardware that enables implement operational business tasks using configuration tools. With these technology platforms we can deliver business applications in few weeks.

We build the technology platforms and independent applications on top of our infrastructure of servers and comunication devices, using software modules as bricks. In such a way, we can "build" any software implementation of the business processes of our customers.

We clasify our software modules in different "Layers" according to its functional features. This software aproach give us more flexibility and quality. The enhancements of the modules of each layer provides inmediate enhancements in all our platforms and applications.

Layer 3: Application
Layer 4: ..Interface..
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