Business Units

Layer 0: Infrastructure
Layer 1: Administration
Layer 2: Communication
Layer 3: Application
Layer 4: Interface
Technology > Layer 0: Infrastructure    


The" Layer 0" is the basic infrastructure where all the sofware modules of higher layers rely.

This infrastructure includes our dedicated servers and the telecommunication lines to handle the required bandwith for the applications.

On top of the hardware, we also consider infrastructure the basic software like operative systems, security systems (firewalls, SSL, back-ups) and data bases. Our professionals mantain the last relesases available in the market and fine tune the basic software to optimize performance using our hardware.

One of the most important parts of our responsabilities is the technical support. It is required a permanent atention to deal with unexpected issues that may arise in normal opertation. Our support is 24 x 7.

We have redundant systems to avoid interruptions and keep regular quality standards.


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