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In the future, the television will be interactive. We have seen during the last decade some technology leaps, like the tv digital platforms, that bring us closer to some kind of interactivity between the user and the media.

There is a long way to reach the real interactivity, and however, an unexpected phenomenon has made many media professionals to belive that the interactive television is here. We are talking about the combination of the classic television and mobile phones.

Dosmedios, having professionals and associates with deep experiencie in broadcasting infrastructure, has created a portfolio of products and services that help to get closer to the ideal of Interactive Television.

In one hand, there are devices involved like "set top boxes" and specially, like mobile phones. Dosmedios has the technology to get advantage of these devices and add or enhance its interactivity capabilities.

In the other hand, we provide the unavoidable integration with the legacy infrastructure of the television stations.


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