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Entertainment is a serious thing. This industry moves billions of euros, having annual growths that can not be reached by other "more serious" industries.

Now we are living a revolution in the Entertainment market, caused by mobile technologies. The short messages of the mobile phones (SMS) have surprise everyone, promising to continue with the growing adoption of the new generation mobile services.

The Entertainment Platform of Dosmedios is designed to make posible a fast development of any mobile games in any technology available: SMS, MMS, Wap, I-Mode, Java...

It is not enough to have a great technology platform and the best software engineers. The creative side is the key success factor in any entertainment mobile application, and for that reason we have an specific team of creative professionals (this is an exception, most of us are engineers) who worked in the mobile entertainment company pioneer in Spain: Cocotero Networks.

The acumulated experience of the creative team in virtual comunities and multiplayer games, allow us to have the application catalog most innovated and largest in this specific industry.


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