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Our professional team is organized according to the different responsabilities of each member:

Software Engineers

They are responsible of the functional analysis of the applications and the software development as well. They program and update the different software modules that belong to the core of our technology, and configure the platforms to adapt them to the specific customer needs.

Proyect Managers

They lead the Software Engineer groups created for specific projects. They manage the necessary resources to achieve the mile-stones on time, and participate with the associates and partners in the definition of the specifications of the projects they lead.


Each associate is responsible of one business unit, managing and developing the market assigned. They are also responsible of Profit & Losses of their business unit. The associates form the Management Comitee of Dosmedios, who set up the strategy of the company at medium and long term.

To asses and support the Management Comitee, we count with prestigious senior executives from different fields. They belong to the Advisory Board of Dosmedios and meet once two months, providing a broader business vision, thanks to their large experience and the responsabilities they have in their fields.


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